- 3/22-23/13 Joseph attending the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (NCIIA) annual meeting, Washington, DC

- 3/27-28/13  Judy moderating the panel "Exit Strategies – Financing to the End Game" at the American Chemical Society (ACS) Entrepreneur Resources Center Entrepreneur Summit at the Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia, PA

- 4/2/13  Judy holding a question and answer session with the University of Massachusetts Amherst Entrepreneurship Class, Amherst, MA

‚Äč- 4/3/13  Joseph attending the University Research & Entrepreneurship Symposium 2013 (URES), Boston, MA

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Understanding University Tech Transfer Offices

The NCIIA in conjunction with ecosVC has put out an interesting and informative video series on understanding university tech transfer offices and their role in commercializing inventions.  Five experts share their thoughts on the role of the tech transfer office and how establishing a relationship early on is important for both students and faculty looking bring their innovations to market.

This video series was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation, grant CHE #0920877.

Dr. Linda Plano, Principal, Plano and Simple, explains why establishing a good relationship early on with your university's tech transfer office is an essential part of protecting your intellectual property rights, and understanding that the tech transfer office is an advocate for the university. Hear what everyone else has to say!